Monday, July 29, 2019

Backne causes and cures

Back acne or“Backne” is very common among teens and young adults. Athletic clothing which may trap sweat and dead skin cells (such as abrasive gear like football shoulder pads) and a general over secretion of the oil glands in this area can cause breakouts. Treatment and the right skin care can help you see clearer skin more quickly. Gentle exfoliation like Enzyme exfoliation and Microdermabration will not only help you get rid of back acne but also lightens acne scars.
You may see clearer skin from Back Facials or Bacial it if you
  • Have a few blemishes on your back (mild acne)
  • Developed back acne recently
  • Have a mix of whiteheads, blackheads, and pimples on your back, but nothing that’s painful or goes deep into the skin (moderate acne)
Anyone who has deep, painful acne on their back (or anywhere else) will need a dermatologist’s help.
Things to take care of
o    Wear loose-fitting workout clothes made of cotton fabric.
o    Wash workout clothes after each use.
o    Shower and change clothes ASAP after working out (or doing anything that causes you to sweat).
o    Antibacterial soaps, astringents, and abrasive scrubs can worsen acne. Ditto for loofahs, back brushes, and buff puffs. For best results, you’ll want to use gentle, fragrance-free skin care products.
o    Avoid using anything that rubs against your back, such as a backpack. 
o    Protect your skin from the sun. You’ll want to apply sunscreen to all skin that clothes won’t cover.

When to see a dermatologist

o    It can take time to see results from treatment. If treatment works, you may start to see results in 6 to 8 weeks. Complete clearing can take 3 or 4 months.
o    If you don’t see any difference in 6 to 8 weeks, you may need a dermatologist’s help. With a dermatologist’s help, virtually every type of acne can be successfully treated.

Monday, July 15, 2019

Welcome to Skinnovation By Shweta

Hey all you beautiful ladies out there!!!!

This is an initiative to help you decode the skin issues you face in your daily routine. 

Introducing my self first; I am Mrs. Shweta Gupta, a cosmetologist by profession. I have a PG Diploma in Clinical Cosmetology to my Credit from the University of Griefswald, Germany. To add on to this I possess a Certificate in Advanced Beauty under NSDC. Adding further to my skills I am trained in Permanent Makeup by one of India's finest Permanent makeup Artist Mrs Gunjan Gaur and trained in Medical Micro pigmentation. Here I would also like to mention that I am a proud member of an international organisation "Associate Skincare Professionals" (first from India 😍) to keep me updated regarding skincare trends across the world and refresh my existing knowledge. Also, I am working with a leading Dermatologist in Kurukshetra since past 2 years as a Medical Aesthetician.

This blog has been started with the aim to educate you all beauties regarding simple skin care regimes which can help u out in maintaining healthy glowing skin and age gracefully!!! Also, through this platform I will discuss various aesthetic treatments available in the industry across the world along with their pros and cons. Here we will also discuss various ingredients to look for in various cosmecutical products regarding various skin concers and review some products available in market. If you have any queries please do share in the comments section and I would be really happy to answer the queries.

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With Mrs. Gunjan Gaur & Mrs. Bharti Taneja
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